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At Blossom Preschool, school readiness starts from day one. Every day is a learning journey, where your child will be prepared and ready for school when they graduate our preschool. Our school readiness program is focused on literacy and numeracy through play-based learning and you’ll be able to watch this journey with daily updates via our app. Our Preschool program curriculum is formulated based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), an Australian Government approved framework designed to ensure that children in all early childhood education and care settings receive quality teaching and learning.

The core concepts of the EYLF are:
•    Belonging – Encouraging your child to understand where and with whom they belong
•  Being – Encouraging your child to develop a sense of self and awareness to their surroundings
•    Becoming – Encouraging your child to develop and grow, emotionally, cognitively and physically

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