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At Blossom Preschool we aspire to provide children with the best possible start in life by offering the highest quality care and early childhood education.


Blossom Preschool is a centre that encourages high self-esteem, social development, problem-solving skills and negotiation strategies. We ensure a safe, secure and hygienic environment for children, families and staff. Our relationships are based on trust, openness, respect and understanding.


Each child in our care has the opportunity to make independent decisions. We believe that the role of our educators is to provide a stimulating and responsive environment where play is valued. Our team is empathetic towards each other, the children and the families who attend our centre.

Blossom Preschool believes that diversity is the acceptance of differences where we respect each other regardless of age, religion or cultural background. Families are encouraged to be involved in the centre’s program and join in festivities to share their cultural heritage.


Family input is core for the learning and development of each child. Our service will support any child with additional needs to ensure that they achieve their full potential. Where necessary, we will provide families with access to all the appropriate support systems. Overall, Blossom Preschool ensures that each child is respected and valued where we aim to provide a homelike environment that is stimulating and caring for all.

Our Approach
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