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Making Daycare a Smooth Transition in the Mornings:

You’re not alone when feeling that you are dreading those chaotic morning drop offs at

daycare. Many families find this transition very difficult. The following tips can make the

transition easier on both you and your child the next time you drop them off at your childcare service.

1. Planning the day through Communication: Engage your child in a conversation

about their day ahead. Let them know they're headed to their day care or preschool

in the morning and talk about the fun classroom activities, toys at the centre and

friends they'll see there. This helps create a sense of predictability and familiarity,

easing their transition from home to their Early Learning Centre.

2. Build Trust with Educators: Take the time to greet all the educators by name when

you arrive at the centre. By showing your trust and acknowledgment, you're assisting

your child feel more secure in their care. Consider drawing a picture or picking a

flower to bring to the educators to express appreciation and build a positive

relationship between your child and educators.

3. Comfort from Home: Another idea to help ease separation anxiety is to bring in a

comforter from home, such as a stuffed animal or small blanket. This familiar item

can provide reassurance and comfort throughout the day. You can also ask the

educators to print out a family photo for your child to hold onto when they miss home.

4. Say Goodbye with Confidence: Resist the impulse to sneak away when dropping

off your child. Take the time to say a proper goodbye, reassuring them that you'll be

back soon. A simple sentence like "I'll be back to pick you up after Nap time or

Afternoon Tea" can provide transparency, helping your child feel secure for your


By implementing these 4 tips, you can help turn those dreaded daycare drop-offs into

smooth transitions for both you and your child.



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