Blossom Preschool aspires to be Australia’s most successful owner-operated education and care service.

Our service is assisted by a team of professionals who provide guidance and advice to our educators so that they can focus on what they do best: provide education and care for your children.

Blossom is founded and operated by a professional and experienced childcare consultant and early years director with a decade of experience in this field, but most importantly, with great passion for early childhood education and care. At blossom, our commitment to our families is reflected in all that we do.


  • Provide the children in our care with a happy and safe environment that recognises their individual skills, talents and interests

  • Provide fully qualified educators to oversee your child’s individual educational program and assist them with a comprehensive school readiness program to ease their transition to formal schooling

  • Provide a wide range of educational resources that are age and developmentally appropriate for all children in our care

  • Incorporate the use of technology, interactive whiteboards, iPads and computers to provide your child with endless opportunities to further their interests and gain experience with real life tools that they will use once they move to formal schooling.

  • Provide beautifully presented, easily accessible environments both indoors and outdoors that invite children to explore, make choices and empower them to make decision about their learning

  • Are committed to providing child safe environments and all educators are provided with regular child protection training.

  • Seek feedback from all stakeholders in the service on our policies and procedures to ensure that they are meeting our families’ needs.





1. a flower or a mass of flowers, especially on a tree or bush

"tiny white blossoms"


1. (a tree or a bush) produce flowers or masses of flowers

"a garden in which roses blossom"