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Blossom Preschool is a beautiful early learning centre operating in Sans Souci, Penshurst and Engadine, NSW. We provide long day care in a secure and enriching environment where children are nurtured through our preschool programs by our exceedingly caring and professional educators.

Children at our centre have open access to bright, custom-designed spaces, structures and experiences with plenty of room for growing, inquisitive and energetic bodies to play, relax or explore. Our beautiful and unique learning hubs have been designed with children and the future in mind.


Our facility uses only high-quality and sustainable materials throughout the learning and play environments. Natural environments evoke a young child’s five senses and promote wonder, curiosity and an intrinsic desire to protect our world. The use of natural materials and neutral colours in our Early Learning Centre promotes a sense of calm and allows for open-ended creativity.

We ensure that all children have the opportunity to achieve and experience a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in aesthetically pleasing environments designed for growing bodies and creative minds.

Blossom Preschool Childcare

Family input is core for the learning and development of each child. Our service will support any child with additional needs to ensure that they achieve their full potential.

Where necessary, we will provide families with access to all the appropriate support systems. Overall, Blossom Preschool ensures that each child is respected and valued where we aim to provide a homelike environment that is stimulating and caring for all. 

We invite you to tour our centre to learn more about our high-quality curriculum that is designed based on the National Early Learning Years Framework which recognises the incredible value of investing in the first five years of a child’s life and the vital role that educators play in developing the whole child.

Our Centres and facilities are deeply cleaned regularly. In conjunction with our daily cleaning and disinfecting routines and in addition to the deep cleaning carried out by our professional cleaners, we engage a professional disinfecting company to provide additional preventative measure and tier to our hygiene practises to ensure all children, families and Educators return to a sparkling clean and safe environment every day.

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