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Healthy and delicious meals and snacks are prepared daily by our in-house cook using fresh ingredients and seasonal produce. We provide 4 weeks rotating menu where every menu is full of nutritionally developed dishes that is freshly prepared for your child every day in our on-site kitchen.

As part of their learning journey, children will learn how to make healthy food choices and come to understand the importance of nourishing their bodies. Our educators are trained to teach children healthy attitudes towards eating by being consistent with positive messages about food and nutrition.  By providing a variety of foods for children to taste and enjoy, we are helping to develop and encourage good eating habits.


Meal times are not just about eating. They provide a fantastic opportunity for children to experience new tastes and textures, and to gather together socially. It is also great for social and language development as well as other important skills like self-help and hygiene.


Our centre is nut-free and fully comply with food safety regulations.

At Blossom...

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